Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Addiction, Psychiatry, Therapy and Counseling in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Our Multidisciplinary Approach can improve your cerebral wellness through:

Psychiatric Evaluation

Your license provider will help highlight areas of your cerebral wellness that need improvement and together will develop a tailored treatment plan through medications, therapy, or both.

Addiction Evaluation

Whether you are in active addiction or in recovery your licensed provider will meet with you to identify how they can help you get your sobriety back on track and/or maintain it through medication assisted treatment, medication management, therapy, or a combination of all.

Medication Management

If your treatment plan includes medication, your provider will prescribe medications and follow with you closely to monitor how they are affecting your cerebral wellness as well as your physical health and lifestyle.

Individual & Family Therapy

If your treatment plan includes therapeutic management, your sessions will be held over several weeks to months to help you work through issues in order to bring stability to your cerebral wellness.

The Mission of One solution Cerebral Wellness

To provide access to a multidisciplinary team of licensed providers that works cohesively to provide individualized care comprised of medication, therapy, or combination of both

We provide care for common Cerebral struggles

One solution Cerebral Wellness