Our Mission is to provide quality multidisciplinary care all in one place for your

Cerebral Wellness

One solution Cerebral Wellness means access to an entire team of licensed providers that work cohesively to provide individualized care all in one setting. Our team will provide a comprehensive treatment path designed to maintain your cerebral wellness.

How to get started with One Solution

Cerebral Wellness


Anyone who needs access to cerebral wellness can access One solution in several ways:

  • Self -referral
  • From Primary Care
  • From Another Therapist
  • From Hospital
  • From Aftercare of Drug and Alcohol treatment and/or Mental Health Facility


At your first appointment you can expect:

  • Review of all history and records if applicable
  • Patient focused Exam by license professional(s)
  • Thorough Assessments
  • Tailored Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan

A tailored treatment plan will be determined by the type and frequency of visits over the course of several weeks to months and beyond

  • Combined therapeutic and medication management visits
  • Medication management visit
  • Therapeutic visits


Maintaining cerebral wellness is a continual process that we would like to become a habit in your life to maintain growth and stability

  • Patients can continue to access care as frequently as they need